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Summer Serape

Bangora | 4" Pinch Front | 3 3/4" Brim | Cloth Sweatband
Sale price$ 60.00

Mimosas and fiestas, iced tea and siestas, the Summer Serape does it all with aplomb and grace. This charming Bangora hat comes in a 4” pinch-front crown with a 3 3/4" brim. The sweatband is cloth to accommodate outdoor soirées and beach days, while stylish vent patterning keeps you cool when the mercury is rising. The fabric hatband blends cool and warm tones, while a dark leather clasp with a metallic buckle completes the look.

Wanted Collection

Color: Natural Straw

Material: Bangora

Brim: 3 3/4"

Crown: 4"

Summer Serape - Charlie 1 Horse
Summer Serape Sale price$ 60.00